• Alumni Mentors

    Meet the growing M&G Cooper alumni family here to aid students in their innovative journey.

    JP Nahmias

    BSE '03

    I work as the Head of Product Management at Profitero. I held build product departments at startups!


    Sim Blaustein

    ME '99

    As a Partner at BDMI, I am an early stage venture capital investor in digital media and have spent my entire career working at or investing in startups.


    Eugene Kim

    ChE '95

    I have experience in Engineering, Operations and Sales within the Financial Service industry. I hope to help Cooper teams vet their solutions for real-world application, particularly those geared towards the financial services community.


    Tom Chan

    ME '17

    I am a kickstarter funded startup founder. I can provide advice and feedback!


    Theo Stewart-Stand

    BFA '99

    I have invented multiple products and continue to do so. I can help guide you through the iterative process from concept to production.


    Will Shapiro

    Arch '13

    I am an interdisciplinary thinker with a background in mathematics, architecture and artificial intelligence, and experience leading cross-functional teams at big organizations (like Spotify) and startups. I'd be happy to mentor students in relation to AI, data science, and the entrepreneurial journey.

    Igor Belyayev

    ME '12

    As co-founder and CTO of an edtech company, I'm happy to help mentor in building digital product and general early-stage startup problems.

    Abe Jasinowski

    Arch '95

    Architect & MBA. I have experience in design, tech, sustainability, and fundraising.

    Jane Hsu

    SOA '99

    I'd like to help create impactful public and cultural engagement strategies focused on the human experience that are compelling, unforgettable and accessible.

    Michael Isakov

    ME '14

    Robot fighting and telemetry expert with background in startups, mechanical engineering, and software engineering - would love to help anyone starting a company / building a robotics project.

    Toby Cumberbatch

    EE Professor 1994 - 2018

    Engineering for the Middle of Nowhere, currently working at SociaLite Lighting Systems Inc.

    Jiayu (Jason) Li

    CE '19

    I am a Traffic Engineer and I would be honored to "guide" you through your career.

    Brice Lee

    ChE '15

    I have experience in blockchain, renewable energy, and electric vehicles. Currently working at Hyundai Motor Group as a venture capital associate for the company's strategic investment in startups. Happy to share corporate VC's perspective and help with early-stage startup scale-up strategy.

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