• Meet the Cooper student teams that have already received grants from Maroon and Gold Labs.

  • Fall 2020 Grant Winner: Cutouts

    Team CUTOUTs is a team of Cooper electrical and mechanical engineering students, consisting of Kevin Kerliu (EE '21). Eugene Jeong (ME '23) and Hans Kiessling (ME '24). We aim to create a more sustainable future by addressing the wastefulness of the current cardboard industry - our planet cannot keep up with it for much longer. With the help of our mentors at Maroon and Gold Labs and our own distinct backgrounds, we hope to solve this problem by reusing wastepaper to create a competitor in the cardboard industry.

  • Fall 2020 Starter Grant Winner: B.U.S.

    Team B.U.S. consists of Jesse Hall, Tyler Pelayo, Dipto Saha, and Colin Hwang (all EE '24). They are creating energy-efficient solar-powered displays that will help alert commuters about real-time bus arrival times.

  • Spring 2020 Grant Winner:

    CROMAS Shoe Company

    Congratulations to Team CROMAS: Chris Mignano, Enea Dushaj, and Yuval Philipson (all ME '21) for winning the Spring 2020 M&G Grant! CROMAS is combining innovative designs with sustainable materials in order to reduce waste and provide customizable individualized shoes.


    They have received half of their $5k grant and will be awarded the second half upon the completion of their milestones. They are receiving mentorship from alum JP Nahmias (BSE '03), an official mentor of Maroon and Gold Labs. You can see our full mentor list here. Feel free to contact them at cromas.shoes@gmail.com!

  • 2019 Grant Winner:

    Twist Talk

    "It's only at this tiny school that such a benevolent yet experienced organization could ever form, and I'm really thankful for that." - Brian Chung EE '21


    Congratulations to Brian Chung (EE '21) and Hannah Quirk (ME '21) for successfully completing their milestones for Twist Talk, earning the second half of the $5k grant! If you have any questions for them, you can reach them at twisttalk18@gmail.com.


    Mentors at Maroon and Gold Labs have helped TwistTalk inventors Brian Chung and Hannah Quirk reach several important milestones including creating a working prototype, meeting legal requirements for patient testing, and piloting the prototype.